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Roma is a papercut artist, painter and illustrator from Melbourne Australia.

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Carrington Road. Box Hill Series

135cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Canson acid-free pastel paper Papercut

Roma McLaughlin
Artist Statement:

The paintings and papercuts in this Box Hill series record my observations of the rapidly changing nature of life in the Melbourne suburb in which I live. I have seen Box Hill evolve from a mid-twentieth century suburb to a modern, vibrant city with a significant Chinese community. This evolution continues. Construction work, apartments, offices, shops and restaurants are all part of the energy of the streets. I contrast this with peaceful, intimate scenes taken from my home and garden.

In my paintings I use intricate patterning borrowed from domestic furnishings, decor and architectural design found in my environment. Reminiscent of medieval manuscripts, the borders around these paintings are like windows, from which an internal or external world may be viewed. The borders serve to illuminate these contemporary scenes of the everyday.

More recently I have developed an interest in the art of papercutting. Working with only paper and a scalpel, I use contoured shapes, silhouettes and patterning cut from a single piece of paper to create an image. My focus on patterning is not just for decoration but also conveys a sense of the character of the places I record.

View the Box Hill series online at Quadrant Gallery. 

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