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Roma is a papercut artist, painter and illustrator from Melbourne Australia.


'Rising Tide #2'

'The whirlwind of data and opinion surrounding climate change can be overwhelming; how do we form something meaningful and informative out of all of the figures, news, opinions and anxiety surrounding this topic?
Art connects us to the problem in a felt way, it encourages engagement, deep thinking, problem-solving and questioning.

17 Artists from across Australia explore our relationship to the planet, through expressions of the juncture between science and art, and the very human response to the looming threat of climate change.'

Art Aviso Catalogue


2nd Book Launch of The Alchemy of Cats
The Alchemy of Cats Book Launch 2023
Finalist in the Mission to Seafarers Maritime Art Prize 2023
Finalist in the Banyule Works on Paper 2023
Winner People's Choice Award National Works on Paper at MPRG
Finalist in the National Works on Paper 2020
'Rising Tide #2'
'Small' 2019